If you want to check that div is block(visible) or none then you can do this very easily . Suppose your div id = “test” -> for testing purpose if you use class = “test” then need to update code For checking Block or visible then use this for your select test is ID . This is simple code

1. if ($('#test').is(':visible')) {}

2. if ($('#test').css('display') == 'block'){}

3. if ($('#test').not(':hidden')){}

if you want to check this using class name

1. if ($('.test').is(':visible')) {}
2. if ($(your_element).is(':visible')) {}

This is other option for checking none or hide then use this code if your selector is id

1. if ($('#test').not(':visible')){}

2. if (!$('#test').is(':visible')){}

3. if ($('#test').css('display') == 'none'){}

4. if ($('#test').is(':hidden')){}

if you use class name then code is

1. if ($('.test').not(':visible')){}
2. if ($(your_element).not(':visible')){}

hop e it will help you. if you have face any problem then inform me.