For many case we need to select all row value and ignore if column value is null or empty in MYSQL , in this case you can do this easily . This is simple code which help you.

Option 1 :

You need to check that column value empty or null

SELECT * FROM your_table where column_name IS NOT NULL or column_name != ''; // column_name is your field name

Option 2 :

You could use COALESCE() to treat blank (empty string) and NULL as the same thing:

SELECT * FROM your_table WHERE COALESCE(column_name, '') != '';

you can also do this in your php code section .

Option 3 :

$column_name = $row_Recordset1['column_name'];
if($column_name == '' || $column_name === null || is_null($column_name)){

if you need any help then please inform me, i will try to help you