Sometime we need to MYSQL table column name for many requirement, In this case we get columns name using simple MYSQL query. This is query and in this query i select column_name,column_type and table_name for more details . I use order by column_type so i can see it easily. You can change which you want

WHERE `TABLE_SCHEMA`='yourdatabasename' order by DATA_TYPE;

If you want to check only double type filed then you can do it easily

WHERE `TABLE_SCHEMA`='yourdatabasename' AND DATA_TYPE like '%bigint%'  order by DATA_TYPE;

if you want to check which field allow null type etc then you can use this

WHERE `TABLE_SCHEMA`='yourdatabasename' and DATA_TYPE like '%bigint%' and IS_NULLABLE ='NO' order by COLUMN_TYPE;

Change your field name as your table field, if you face any problem then please inform me.